Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Crib: Ordered!

Finally! I can scratch one major item off my list! I was getting nervous for a while because I felt like we were so far behind on getting the nursery ready (that is, once I stopped being so ambivelent about it).

This weekend Target had a big baby sale, but we did our research and found that the crib they were selling for ridiculously cheap had been part of a massive recall this past spring and summer. Say whaaaaaaaaat? So, we didn't pursue it. Then, Graham did a little more research and found that the crib we were looking at wasn't, in fact, part of the recall because this one didn't have the drop-down side like the recalled crib did. (Don't even get me started on the drop-sides. I know I'm new at this mom thing and some people really like them, but drop-side cribs make me terribly uneasy.) So, we scurried our little selves to Target, only to find that the crib was sold out. We could either make a run to another Target and hope they had it in stock (not likely) or go to Babies R Us and pay about $20 more for the same crib. We opted for Babies R Us since we knew they had it available. After a few minutes spent searching for the crib and a few more looking for someone to help us out (Thanks, Arlene!) we ended up with this little beauty:
It's a Graco crib, the Lauren model. We're pretty satisifed overall. No drop-sides, delightfully cost-effective, sturdy, and perfectly safe. They didn't have any in-store, but there were over 400 in the warehouse according to Arlene, so I'm confident we'll have it in the "7-14 day" window they estimated for us.

Now, we just need to get a dresser, rug, bookcase, and glider/rocker and we're all good. None of that is stuff that needs to come from a baby store. The crib isn't part of a set, but I'm pretty confident the finish is dark enough that we can find something that will "match" well enough, and the rocker and bookcase can come from Kmart or Target or wherever, so long as they're sturdy and safe. As for a changing table...I'm neither here nor there on that. I think we can throw the changing pad onto a dresser and call it a day. Graham is on Team Table because it gives you a bonafide place to change the baby and some storage options along with it. I figure that if it's really that important than as long as baby's room has enough space for it, why not? I figure that can be one of the last things we add to the nursery depending on our space issues. There were plenty of changing tables available at Target and Babies R Us, so I'm not worried.

Now....I need to start thinking about signing up for the rest of those prenatal classes at the hospital. Breastfeeding 101...I'm coming for you!


  1. www.onceuponachild.com and the store is in Chicago Ridge. That can be a helpful place I am sure. People from work love it.

    By the way, this is Joanna from QOP and congratulations on the baby. (You have to find the amusement in my post considering I do not have children nor do I want them. But I do love sales and getting things for less.) :)


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