Saturday, September 11, 2010


was intended for college students. If it was still intended for students, I probably wouldn't be using it because I'd feel like a 26 year old creeper who was still trying to live out her glory days.

Now the adult (because today I still feel like a kid) members of my family are joining Facebook. And when "older" people join Facebook (see Mom? I put the word older in quotation marks so it sounds a little more objective than my definition of the word old. This way everyone can decide for themselves. You're welcome.) there's a definite chance for miscommunication in the written word. Not even a "Hey, wonder if she's talking about me?" sort-of misunderstanding, but just weirdness in general. It gives me weird feelings when someone over 35 "likes" my status updates....and really gives me pause for what's on my page in general. Is that really what I want the grandparents of my child to be reading? (Then I remember that most of them know me well enough already so there's no real reason to censor myself.)

All I know is this: the minute I get old enough to second guess or misunderstand something I read on Facebook, I'm deleting my account. I don't want to be "that old person" online. Hannah will roll her eyes at me someday soon (if she isn't rolling her eyes already), no need to make sure she's ashamed of my online antics and statements, too!

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