Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Unpopular Opinion Tuesday

I can think of no other lonlier existance than being a wife and mother and nothing else.

I really dislike my job some days, but I'll always want a job where I'm doing something each day. I think only being a wife and mom would make me terribly unhappy. I love my life, and I love my family, but I really want more. I can't imagine only living to take care of my family everyday--and that's it. I will never understand how some women do it and cope with it and like it. And even aspire to that. Call me crazy.


  1. CRAZY. ;)
    I never aspired to be a SAHM until I hit my mid 20's and knew that I *needed* to become a mom in my lifetime. And now that she's here- it's all I want to do... be her mom. It doesn't mean I have to lose who I am as a person, it doesn't mean that being her mom is all that I am; in fact, for me, I feel even more complete as a person since finally becoming a mom. And I do hear you on the "doing something" aspect... I was a little fearful that I would grow tired of it during my maternity leave but the thing is that every day is brand new with them. It's like you get to re-live life and therefore you're always doing something. But I'm a little crazy like that so... :D

  2. Well, just wait and see. I think your premise that women who stay home with their families aren't doing anything is off to begin with. We do all the things that you will pay someone else to do while you go do something else. I'll bet you are scouring the area looking for the absolute best caregiver for your child. Someone who will feed, change, hold, love on and interact with your precious little baby. That's what I do, all day, with and for the people I love more than anything other than God. It's a big something to be doing. I have been there for the first steps, first words, first bubbles blown, first everything. The sublime and the ridiculous, the divine and the profane.

    I never, ever wanted to be a SAHM. And I was very vocal about that. I have a degree and I've used it. But, in all the years I did something with my degree, I was never as satisfied as I am now. People who "knew me when" are shocked at me now. I have the utmost respect for women who can handle both a career and children and do it well. I'll pray for you that you can, it's really hard. Please respect what those of do who choose a hidden existence actually do. We are doing something - the something you choose not to and pay someone to do.

    I hope you have an easy pregnancy and an easier labor.

    God Bless


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