Tuesday, September 14, 2010


I should have known after I updated with some positives yesterday that something would come to my attention today. Oy.

Turns out that even though the newspaper articles that were published recently were nice, the powers that be weren't happy that they were caught off guard by the fact that an article went out and they didn't know about it. I'm a little confused because in the year I've been doing this job I've always just written press releases and sent them out to the papers. Now I'm under the impression that I should run them by my superior(s) first, or let them know that articles went out. I'm not really sure because the email I got wasn't totally clear. (And in a surprising twist of irony, the next email we all got was about using email and internet too much with our volunteers because it's not personal.)

A year ago I would have chalked this up to taking on a job with very little guidance from some of the individuals I work with. After all, I had just started and it took me months to figure it out. By the time I had it figured out I felt like my position wasn't a terribly viable one. A year later I feel like my position is even less valuable to my place of employment and the rules have changed without my knowing. It's hard to keep your chin up sometimes.

Oh well. I have a very strong feeling that I'm not the only one waiting it out until December...

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